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Full steam ahead for trains wrapped in advertising across Sydney?

13 Mar

A quick look at examples of trains completely covered in advertising across the world, and whether there should be cause for concern should this go forward in Australia’s biggest city – Sydney.

It was announced last week that the Government in Australia is strongly considering allowing full-wrap train advertising on most Sydney trains, in a pledge to raise some extra cash for the service.

An MP against the plan has stated:

”Outdoor advertising is proving to be an extremely effective way of getting a message across but … community concern about it appears to be on the rise.”

And let’s not forget the example by train staff in Singapore recently, who left a ton of graffiti unreported on a passenger train…

“The company said its staff noticed the graffiti on the train on 17 May but did not sound the alarm as it was done artistically and they mistook it for an advertisement.”

So with that in mind, here are some examples of full-wrap train advertising across the world…

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