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PROMO WATCH: Breaking Bad

9 Sep

I’ve just caught up with the news that the brilliant AMC drama Breaking Bad, starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, won’t be returning until June 2011. This is a delay of about three months, with the actually fair enough reasoning that writer and creator Vince Gilligan wants more time in the writing room to make sure the show is as good as it’s been in the past.

On that note, a retrospective of the creative genius of the show was in order to tide me over until the summer of 2011.

Breaking Bad’s promo team work tremendously hard coming up with a large array of promotional art for the show, and you’ll notice that many of the photographs are taken straight from the show (and not taken seperately) – demonstrating how superb the cinemotography for each episode (even Season 3’s episode ‘Fly’, set in one dingy room, was a feast for the eyeballs).

Anyway, here are some of my favourite shots from the last three seasons (and one cheeky unofficial one that I think is well done too):


I do love the minimilist posters that seem to exist for each revered TV show and movie…

And last-but-not-least, my favourite Breaking Bad promo ever (the main promotional ad for season three)…

I cannot wait to see what season four entails, get writing Gilligan and co!


Promo Watch: House MD

27 Aug

How does the brand new Season 7 promo poster (above) compare to the best-of-the-rest that the show has to offer?

The new one is obviously taking its cue straight from last season’s finale, and it’s certainly titilating and slightly grotesque. But it does the job in reminding me how much I love the show and the characters, and the first episode of the new season (in less than a month!) can’t come too soon.

But some of the promo posters of the past have been mini works of art, as this collection below demonstrates:

The transition the show took from a fairly regular, but very good, medical procedural to something far beyond that is a testament to the talented team behind it.

Hopefully Season 7 keeps up the same brilliant dynamic that we’ve been treated too for six years now…

The art of Adventure Time…

15 Aug

One of my favourite shows this year is, perhaps oddly, the new animated show Adventure Time on Cartoon Network (new episodes are aired on Mondays at 8pm in the States).

It’s based off a wacky short film from a few years ago and, after months of negotiating and bickering, it finally got a series (and has since been renewed for two more seasons!). It follows the surreal adventures of Finn, a young adventurer, and his 28 year old dog Jake (voiced by the effortlessly cool John DiMaggio, an ex stand-up comedian who also voices Bender on Futurama).

It’s all pretty simple stuff, but it’s got a whole heap of charm and the writing appeals for all ages – it’s funny and touching on a level most shows on that channel can only aspire to be.

Anyway, one thing I’ve noticed is that the episode cards for each episode are beautifully hand-painted (it seems) and I thought I’d share some of them here.

I’m sure it’s a really nerdy thing to do, but I’d quite like some of those framed or something as I think they look really nice (‘What Is Life?’, ‘Business Time’ and ‘My Two Favourite People’ are my personal favourites).

Anyway, that’s that.