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PROMO WATCH: The Walking Dead S1

24 Nov

The Walking Dead looks to be one of the biggest hits of the year, as it broke cable rating records on it’s release and the numbers have been holding relatively steady.

The success of the show had been questionable before it come out, as the genre is relatively niche (movies like Shaun Of The Dead and 28 Days Later are critically loved but do relatively modest box office numbers, for instance) and it didn’t feature any hot star names (apart from director and writer Frank Darabont, of Shawshank Redemption fame).

So was the success based on the promo / poster campaign from the network then?

You can be the judge of that!

Here are all the official and even some non-official promo art for The Walking Dead…

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Alternative Theme Tune #1: The Walking Dead

20 Nov

This feature’s been conjured up after listening to a song that basically sounded as though it had been written specifically for the new AMC undead drama.

I was a little disappointed with The Walking Dead opening credits, if I’m honest, as the highlight of the comics books was often the cover and I was hoping the show would come up with a clever ploy to create a ‘cover’ for each of the episodes (much like those brilliant freeze frames used at the beginning of every Eastbound & Down episode, here’s a rather rude example).

So it was with pleasant joy that I discovered a song that seemed perfect for the show, and figured this is as nice a chance as any to provide director Frank Darabont an alternative theme song for the show.

The song, written by singer/songwriter Felix Carey, is a bittersweet love song set in a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland. The lyrics could easily be from the point-of-view of The Walking Dead’s main protagonist Rick Grimes (especially after the lovely reunion with his wife Lori), and the down-tempo guitar fits well with the shows often bleak outlook.

Interestingly, the show come about during a radio show where listeners are asked to text in suggestions for song ideas – and one lucky listener has Felix write and perform a song (based on their idea) an hour later. And it takes some artists months to write a tune!

Perfect for The Walking Dead, right?

PROMO WATCH: Breaking Bad

9 Sep

I’ve just caught up with the news that the brilliant AMC drama Breaking Bad, starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, won’t be returning until June 2011. This is a delay of about three months, with the actually fair enough reasoning that writer and creator Vince Gilligan wants more time in the writing room to make sure the show is as good as it’s been in the past.

On that note, a retrospective of the creative genius of the show was in order to tide me over until the summer of 2011.

Breaking Bad’s promo team work tremendously hard coming up with a large array of promotional art for the show, and you’ll notice that many of the photographs are taken straight from the show (and not taken seperately) – demonstrating how superb the cinemotography for each episode (even Season 3’s episode ‘Fly’, set in one dingy room, was a feast for the eyeballs).

Anyway, here are some of my favourite shots from the last three seasons (and one cheeky unofficial one that I think is well done too):


I do love the minimilist posters that seem to exist for each revered TV show and movie…

And last-but-not-least, my favourite Breaking Bad promo ever (the main promotional ad for season three)…

I cannot wait to see what season four entails, get writing Gilligan and co!