Urban Fox

We’re lucky enough to have a regular columnist in Will Turner, the creator and writer of the acclaimed comic book Reynard City.

He’ll provide offbeat thoughts, views and sometimes surreal analysis on anything from movies and television to comics and music – so check back here regularly to stay up-to-date with Will’s musings.

The Urban Fox Files

“What happened to Quentin Tarantino?” – a rundown on the past, present and future of the cult director.

“Guilty Pleasures” – on those movies on our shelf that go against everything we stand for.

“The saga of Wayne Rooney…” – a look at the recent media speculation around Wayne Rooney.

“Film 2010 and the value of critics…” – as Claudia Winkleman begins her stint as host of Film 2010, an argument about the value of critics in the internet age.

“The secret of a good spoof movie…” – the essence of how to make a great and genuinely funny spoof film.

“The art of good constructive criticism… – a study on what makes and doesn’t make good critique.

“The Other Guys – film review” – a review of the Will Ferrell cop caper.

“Outside the comfort zone…” – how broadening your horizons, even if one thing is your true passion, is the right way to go.

“Kick-Ass – film review” – a review of the superhero satire movie.

“Four Lions – film review”a review of the Chris Morris (Day Today, Nathan Barley) directed controversial comedy.

“Retro Cartoons – the good, the bad and the weird” – a rundown on how TV cartoons have changed and how experience can warp your view on them.

“What people call experience…” – an insight into what warrants long-term experience.

“Grown Ups – movie review”the lowdown on Adam Sandler’s brand new comedy.

“Robocop does not need to be remade!” – an angry retort on news that a Robocop remake is on the way.

“No more heroes any more…” – is there a middle ground between darkness and light?