What Google says about TV shows.

7 Dec

The predictive nature of the Google Search has provided plenty of material for comedians (like here), but I’ve recently found that it’s also a handy tool to find the general concensus of new and old TV shows without having to ask message boards, read reviews or actually watch a show myself.

So to save you the time I’ve compiled some of these here, and will add whether there’s any huge inaccurracies (you’ll notice there aren’t many).

But learn from this and use this method to decide what show you’re going to watch next…

The general concensus on Google is that Community, NBC’s under-rated college-set comedy, is that it is ‘the best show ever’ – which I’d argue is going a little bit far but it is damned good.

Interesting that some find it ‘not funny’ (not true!) and ‘important’, and glad to see ‘cancelled’ doesn’t come up (as the ratings haven’t picked up this season and it is on the brink, sadly).

This one is perfect.

Running Wilde had so much potential and this is a great summary; constantly with a threat of cancellation, terrible reviews and low ratings (only two suggestions by Google suggest no-one has been talking about the show).

The first show to be renewed this year, the Google suggestions mirrors that.

Broadwalk Empire has been garnering relatively positive reviews at first, but a few mixed reviews (from critics) later in the season. The results reflect that.

Countless articles and questions arose about the authenticity of presenter Karl Pilkington’s stupidity. Links to writers Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant didn’t help confused viewers, and it looks like the main questions about the show were asked on Google.

The first result is a surprise, and if Outsourced is indeed ‘the new Friends’ then I’d argue that modern comedy is doomed.

But the split view is no surprise, I’m surprised ‘racist’ doesn’t come up either – I don’t think it is, but I’ve read articles and comments from viewers that claim it is.

The early similarities with Lost seems to have been the anchor that has haulted The Event, as comparisons doomed the show to failure thanks to it simply not being as good (and 0verly convoluted with acting actually worse than Lost).


I’ve tried to use generally new shows, but try this method to find the next show you watch…


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  1. bigniplittlenip December 7, 2010 at 6:01 pm #

    Great read!

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