The Broadcast Awards 2011 announced, with one glaring ommission.

3 Dec

The Broadcast Awards were announced today; the media industry version of the BAFTAs that lacks any of the glitz but has some credibility thanks to a Broadcast Now magazine subscription being on every media corporation’s Christmas list.

But a quick look down the shortlist of the awards screamed out an ommission that I can’t possibly find any justification for…

Best Multichannel Programme

Being Human
Touchpaper Television for BBC3

Four Weddings
ITV Productions for Living

Getting On
Vera for BBC4

Clerkenwell Films for E4

Pineapple Dance Studios
Pulse Films for Sky 1 HD

The Inbetweeners
Bwark Productions for E4

Where the hell is An Idiot Abroad?!

As this article clearly explained, it’s the biggest multichannel show of the year (bar football and The Inbetweeners) and is a first series commission that rarely, rarely does well straight away.

And it’s something truly original, something that few of the nominated shows can claim to be.


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