PROMO WATCH: The Walking Dead S1

24 Nov

The Walking Dead looks to be one of the biggest hits of the year, as it broke cable rating records on it’s release and the numbers have been holding relatively steady.

The success of the show had been questionable before it come out, as the genre is relatively niche (movies like Shaun Of The Dead and 28 Days Later are critically loved but do relatively modest box office numbers, for instance) and it didn’t feature any hot star names (apart from director and writer Frank Darabont, of Shawshank Redemption fame).

So was the success based on the promo / poster campaign from the network then?

You can be the judge of that!

Here are all the official and even some non-official promo art for The Walking Dead…



This next one is an outside poster somewhere in the States:


And this next one is a billboard somewhere else in the States:


This next one is an Easter Egg image on the official site (click to view full-size):


This next one is an unofficial one for the show that I think is good enough to be part of this assortment:


And a second unofficial one, and I think this has a cutesy charm that is well worthy of this list:


And this is not a promo for the TV show, but I wanted to share my personal favourite cover of The Walking Dead comic book (though I’m only up to Issue 50 so far). I’ve never read a comic book before was inspired by the show to give this a go and I’m really enjoying it – would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Anyway, my favourite cover art of the comic is from Issue 9:


But the question remains; has The Walking Dead’s success been spurred on by the promotional work? Or is it mainly because it’s a truly original (for TV) piece of work that’s been very well made (thanks, of course, to a good cast and some excellant direction and cinematography)?


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