Full steam ahead for trains wrapped in advertising across Sydney?

13 Mar

A quick look at examples of trains completely covered in advertising across the world, and whether there should be cause for concern should this go forward in Australia’s biggest city – Sydney.

It was announced last week that the Government in Australia is strongly considering allowing full-wrap train advertising on most Sydney trains, in a pledge to raise some extra cash for the service.

An MP against the plan has stated:

”Outdoor advertising is proving to be an extremely effective way of getting a message across but … community concern about it appears to be on the rise.”

And let’s not forget the example by train staff in Singapore recently, who left a ton of graffiti unreported on a passenger train…

“The company said its staff noticed the graffiti on the train on 17 May but did not sound the alarm as it was done artistically and they mistook it for an advertisement.”

So with that in mind, here are some examples of full-wrap train advertising across the world…

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Mandatory TV parental lock; really great or nanny state?

1 Mar

Televisions sold in Australia are now required, by law, to feature a parental lock system as part of it’s digital set-up system. This means that all parents will have the opportunity to block programming from their children up to the age-ratings that the Australian Communications & Media Authority have set for and every show that goes on the air.

Australian news networks are just cottoning on to this major new piece of television legislation, and it’s an issue that is certainly splitting opinion.

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Wikileaks & Censorship: I think Spider Jerusalem says it best…

8 Dec

With the eruption of cable leaks from whistleblowing site Wikileaks dominating news reporting around the world, and the flawed charges against figurehead Julian Assange doing its best to taint the leaks, it’s quickly becoming a critical moment in the fight for journalistic and social freedom of information and speech.

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What Google says about TV shows.

7 Dec

The predictive nature of the Google Search has provided plenty of material for comedians (like here), but I’ve recently found that it’s also a handy tool to find the general concensus of new and old TV shows without having to ask message boards, read reviews or actually watch a show myself.

So to save you the time I’ve compiled some of these here, and will add whether there’s any huge inaccurracies (you’ll notice there aren’t many).

But learn from this and use this method to decide what show you’re going to watch next…

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The Broadcast Awards 2011 announced, with one glaring ommission.

3 Dec

The Broadcast Awards were announced today; the media industry version of the BAFTAs that lacks any of the glitz but has some credibility thanks to a Broadcast Now magazine subscription being on every media corporation’s Christmas list.

But a quick look down the shortlist of the awards screamed out an ommission that I can’t possibly find any justification for…

An Idiot Abroad: the most important Sky 1 show for years?

1 Dec

Sky have had it tough in recent times, with top brass accusations that their investment in content is not up to standard and losing a whole host of their biggest shows (including Lost, 24 and Prison Break) – but there’s been a bright spark on Sky 1 that may turn out to be the most important show in the channels recent history.

But before, let’s consider some of the considerations that Sky has made before commissioning a piece like this:

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PROMO WATCH: The Walking Dead S1

24 Nov

The Walking Dead looks to be one of the biggest hits of the year, as it broke cable rating records on it’s release and the numbers have been holding relatively steady.

The success of the show had been questionable before it come out, as the genre is relatively niche (movies like Shaun Of The Dead and 28 Days Later are critically loved but do relatively modest box office numbers, for instance) and it didn’t feature any hot star names (apart from director and writer Frank Darabont, of Shawshank Redemption fame).

So was the success based on the promo / poster campaign from the network then?

You can be the judge of that!

Here are all the official and even some non-official promo art for The Walking Dead…

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